#Civil Rights
President Putin

Muhammad bin Salman in a freak accident (and tight bid) imprisoned some of the well known and sane princes in Saudi Arab. MBS arrested overall good princes perhaps. The newspapers say power grab to tout match. (Hahaaaaa, how sweet.) If you have to say power grab, you should say in a power grab the size of 'fetch' as in when you ask your Frisky to bring your ball.

To me it is a tight bid because it is a reason for the company Shell to survive when Saudi kingdom has finished its reserves.

MBS is an odd ball. He can go where he wants. Does his "poverty" (highness for a stitch "in time saves nine") like Ivanka? He can buy the Jesus portrait all he wants but where does he figure?

We all heard the news that Muhammad bin Salman the crown prince of Saudi Arab imprisoned aka harassed 12 other influential princes on trumped up charges. Donald Trump is seen in Middle East a lot these days. The prince alleges corruption. Prince Talal doesn't even invest in a stock if it debases God in any way and is a god fearing man. I was on his Twitter page when he was a free person and noticed him praying even in skiing. Unfortunately Muslim ummah touts their own image when for instance the self detractor buys a painting or allows cinemas. They do not care for blood shed. A story. Please sign this petition and first of all know your place in the new order. Prince Talal is the vanguard of the new forces. Not U.S. Not Israel. We plan to present this petition to President Vladimir Putin as soon as we get 100,000 signatures. Prince Al Waleed's business is not a rocking horse. It is in the news. He needs to be in charge.

Prince Talal was arrested on 4 November 2017 at Ritz in Saudi Arab while probably having a princely dinner. As far as we can imagine his highness!. For he certainly has a style. Crown-prince was in cahoots with the Saudi intelligence. (Even on a hunter's guide? Yes?! Dinner?) If MBS wanted a brawl, then he should have first given a speech in the open. Like opened a line of chat for merits in basis. For the world is so civil these days. But he attacked on and said not a word. Does he have his eyes on the other princes' rich fortunes and kisses they gave their wives? (Halloween is long gone.) There's a humour I believe (I haven't a reason to check, nor the dime to check) (dime is moral mental both) (Prophet's pbuh father or rather father's father gave 100 camels in Abdullah, his son's marriage to Aminah, Prophet's pbuh mother) (If in fact internet is garbage, MBS hasn't acted to correct it?! Moral mein. But internet is technology and as such okay. It is even cool. Who can live without technology these days?! Does not MBS have a responsibility if in fact he wants the keys to the Kaaba?) so there's a humor going on on the internet that this prince would give 200 camels to sleep with Trump's daughter. Say it is not the fortunes of the twelve princes that seems to meet his eyes too frequently to notice or play. Or is he in fact deep in pockets with the Americans. I challenge Americans to sign this petition too if they in fact see what game is Trump running. If I were an American I would renounce my citizenship in a Thoreau minded fashion.

It has been 41 days since incarceration on this 14 December 2017, what a while! Remember these are princes. Have you on hajj noticed the hospitality of princes when their trucks serve the pilgrims free. MBS should say how many days he wants before he'll free the men.

I need 100,000 signatures to show this petition. I'll tell you on my Facebook page how many we have so far and how many more we need. Please pass it on to whoever you know thinks for all.

Prince Al Waleed's business is in jeopardy. Sign the petition for a free port pass from Saudi Arab government as in being allowed to leave the country set free to the noble Talal and and the 11 princes (and comrades to me). They need not worry how he'll transfer ! (his wealth.)

I want to label the Kingdom.

To free it let's imagine Saudi Arab has given Pakistan a few precious billions in the past but now they're asking Pakistan to go with them in the war they have against Yemen. Yemenis are Shias that Muslim Imams world over recognize for compassion. Notably this would start a civil war in Pakistan (so, no Sir!!) so it cannot sell for Saudi Arab (however corrupt politicians on the helm). Saudi royal family does not make the graph by which I am meaning decently the sitting King. If they do not like shias--. If they do not have the same meaning in them as shias they should split. Not take away their grace. MBS is in deep with the King in his shia "correction". And as such he wants to correct others. He is pretending he's playing musical chairs. The royal family doesn't feel like a bond which is why if 12 royal princes are taken for granted, it is a conspiracy. MBS targets especially Talal's public relationing to zoom in. Once he zooms into Saudi politics he will project his match set-for-set hat which to speak through Talal's fortune telling is ugly. He's taken Talal's market share in a way that is by taking in full gear a market genius, he's taken a formula genius or a math genius guys if you need to imagine then Knight and Day and given us 'unprepared buddies' goggles to a different movie. Now he's building his scheme and giving us not a nickel or a dime. Talal was good to us.

We should have a slogan, MBS for namaste America. If it was namaste London, I could straight away stay it looks like a Hindi movie. But namaste America is kindergarten. May be MBS has a real clash in values in his ties and he's listening to his connections. Trump is one. Princely connections are functional (Too MBS and Talal).

Saudi Arab is dark webs? Muslims end up supporting King Saud. They even like him. Saudi royals are almost all alike in that they all bake. (Imaginative.) (aka they buy influence from one side or the other.) With shias, they do not have live and let live. The Yemeni food situation is pathetic. Pragmatically, Saudi King is making illegal moves even in his game election of MBS. Sister-pride: my next dream after this petition is a sermon in masjid-i-nabvi.

Sometimes there is power-is-grab and sometimes there is power is seldom ball. Newspapers probably don't have a clue which is why this online petition. We liked Al Waleed's soft power. I don't mean soft as International Relations somehow fails to capture it by calling military power hard and money soft power (IR card is just as a fake pronunciation say.). It personally reminds me of Jack and the beanstalk, that's all. Please sign your name to my statement above and say I too petition to take 12 Saudi princes out of prison, however upscale. Jesus pbuh: I call you to the light. It may be hard, it may be romantic.

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