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Lorne Michaels is undoubtedly best known for
creating and producing 'Saturday Night Live' which as of 2008 was listed at the Longest Running Weekly Late Night Show in the history of Television. But before even Saturday Night Live, Lorne was a writer for the mega 1967 hit show 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In'.

Now at age 68, Michaels has produced over 100 television shows, specials, and films and deserves a live-broadcasted Lifetime Achievement Award. He's received many awards for his work on various shows but we feel he deserves a lot more than that especially considering his past work.

We'd rather him be honored with this award in the next few years instead of waiting until he's too old to work or is honored posthumously. Too much of these honors happen this way and we intend to change that for this man.

We, the fans, call on the many Academies of Television Arts to present and honor Lorne Michaels with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to television and the discovery of many well-known talents in the entertainment business today.

Without him, comedy may cease to exist and television would not be what we know it to be. Please give Lorne the recognition he deserves.

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