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The USA is a place of freedom. It's goals are simple, to offer freedom, to anyone who asks for it, by offering them a system of checks and balances, which basically says that no agency may over power another.

The idea of sanctuary, is one familiar to almost all Americans. Put simply, sanctuary enables an individual to go into a religious building, claim sanctuary and not be touched by the legal system (for as long as they remain inside the building) The USA, has always supported the idea, that there need to be laws which allow everyone to be spoken for yet for absolute laws like deportations, there are no checks and balances. As was intended by the original Declaration of Independence. The people should have a hand over the legal system. This law, would give them that hand.

This law is needed for the many cases of deportation which happen every year to immigrants who seek to take refuge in this country, but are denied it.

This law could also potentially, defuse hostage situations. The general idea behind hostage situations is that, the person is trying to seek safety from legal action. They know that if they leave, they will be arrested. This would be the same thing, except, the person doesn't have to have hostages to keep from going to jail.

We, the undersigned,

Ask the congress of the United States of America, to allow individuals to take refuge in public facilities, such as churches, clinics, hospitals, airports, or any public building under sanctuary, for any reason and for as long as the owner of the facility grants them permission to stay there, as long as they are not threatening or imposing bodily harm, upon anyone.

We understand that the law must do its job so, if the individual leaves the facility, their sanctuary should automatically be terminated. We also understand that some individuals may be considered dangerous so, we ask that any other parties (including law enforcement officers) be allowed to enter and exit the building. The party, invoking sanctuary, must however, remain, until he leaves of his own free will.

In cases where the party itself, has purposefully committed acts which have caused others bodily harm, law enforcement officers may deny the right to sanctuary to these individuals, with a court ordered warrant.

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