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Dog Owners in the San Pedro area do not have an adequate place to take their dogs where the pets can run and play off leash. The one small dog park that does exist in San Pedro will soon be a thing of the past since there are plans to turn that area into a freeway on ramp in the near future.
In lieu of an actual dog park, area residents have relied for many years upon places like Joan Milke-Flores Park, White Point Nature Preserve and Friendship Park to provide de-facto areas to meet their needs however, they have done so with the knowledge that law enforcement could show up at any time to enforce the posted leash laws, In fact, the authorities have recently begun to aggressively enforce those laws, resulting in several citizens receiving hefty $350 tickets.
Our hope is that the attached petition will illustrate the community's support for the establishment of one or more large, grassy areas where our dogs can socialize and get the exercise they need.

In addition to signing the petition, you can also call each of the local legislators to voice your support. Their numbers are:
Councilman Joe Buscaino - (310) 732-4515
Supervisor Janice Hahn - (213) 974-4444
Port of Los Angeles c/o Mr. Augie Bezmalinovich - (310) 732-3508

Thank you for your support.
Don Marshall (310) 833-8977

DOG LOVERS - Please join us at a meeting:
Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Coastline & Parks Committee
6:30 pm, Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - https://www.cspnc.org/
The meeting will be held at
Angels Gate in Building G
3601 South Gaffey Street
San Pedro, California 90731

• We are requesting that an off-leash dog exercise area continue to exist at the Joan Milke Flores Park, while maintaining it as a community park.
• We ask that a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) be formed to self-govern the off-leash dog area. Guidelines indicate that the CAC should include dog owners, local residents, Region staff and Park Rangers.
• We request that there be a moratorium on the issuance of tickets for off-leash dogs until this issue is resolved.

The LA City Department of Recreation and Parks has a policy to meet the needs of dogs and owners by providing off-leash areas. The Joan Milke Flores Park is the perfect location for the needs of dog owners. It especially provides a safe place for seniors and their dogs to socialize. It has for many years been a de facto off-leash area, but recently and suddenly Animal Control representatives have been issuing expensive tickets for those allowing their dogs to run off-leash. No specific information has been provided as to why this happened, despite the tacit agreement that a blind eye would be given to off-leash dogs. This isn’t the first time such a crack-down has occurred. It apparently happens sporadically, then stops.

As a result of the off-leash crack-down, the public use of the Joan Milke Flores Park dramatically decreased. People are afraid to go there because of the high-priced tickets that were issued. Despite this, dog walkers/owners still far exceed the number of visitors without dogs at the Joan Milke Flores Park. Many dog owners visit in the mornings and in the late afternoon – or both. The vast majority responsibly pick up after their pets – and most make a point of collecting dog waste that might have been overlooked by others.

We ask the following of you dog owners:
• Don’t poop on Pedro! One of the main complaints is the dog poop that isn’t being collected
• We also understand that complaints have come from Fort MacArthur Museum. Please respect the museum area and keep dogs under control around it.
• Make sure your dogs don’t bother visitors who don’t have a canine friend with them.
• Please join us at the June 12 meeting to show support of our goal.
• Please visit https://www.gopetition.com and search for San Pedro Off-Leash Park.
• Please let the following know of your support for our goal:
Councilman Joe Buscaino (310) 732-4515
Supervisor Janice Hahn (310) 974-4444
On behalf of all our well-exercised, well-adjusted dogs …. THANK YOU!

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles and the Port of L.A. to provide large, grassy areas where dogs can run off leash.

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