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City Council of San Marcos, Texas
United States of America

The 6.2-acre property located north of the intersection of Wonder World Drive/Hunter Road and south of Purgatory Creek is the proposed location for a new H-E-B grocery story in San Marcos, Texas. Before construction begins, a zoning change must be approved by the City Council.

The land is currently empty of human habitation and structures. As a green area within a city landscape it exemplifies the type of natural scenery in an urban setting that attracts and attaches residents to our community.

The acreage is an environmentally sensitive property that drains into Purgatory Creek, which empties into the San Marcos River just above Children's Park. Situated next to the creek, this site is prone to flooding. It is also very near to an ancient Native American burial ground. It is situated directly across Wonder World Drive from an entrance to Purgatory Creek Greenspace, a jewel of the public greenspace in San Marcos.

The intersection of Wonder World Drive/Hunter Road is currently an area of heavy traffic, with frequent reports of automobile accidents.


We, the undersigned, OPPOSE CHANGING THE CURRENT ZONING of the 6.2 acres on the north side of the intersection of Wonder World Drive and Hunter Road in San Marcos, Texas. We oppose this zoning change for many reasons, including:

1. In an economically competitive Central Texas, this green area on a major San Marcos gateway exemplifies the type of natural scenery in an urban setting that attaches current residents to the community and attracts new residents to San Marcos. This site, being a green area within our urban environment, is a special feature that distinguishes San Marcos from other Central Texas cities that have traded natural areas for strip malls and parking lots. A grocery store and huge parking lot at this gateway location and adjacent to the entrance of Purgatory Creek Greenspace would detract from the unique natural attributes and residential advantages of San Marcos.

2. Purgatory Creek would be threatened by the large site excavation, terrain alteration, and acres of impervious cover required for the construction of a grocery store at this location. In an area prone to flooding, the added impervious cover would increase the probability of polluted runoff reaching Purgatory Creek and the San Marcos River. Likewise, a large grocery store at this location would increase the possibility of flooding in the surrounding areas.

3. A grocery store at this location, requiring curb cuts for entries and exits, would increase traffic and decrease highway safety on roads that are already overburdened by heavy traffic and frequent automobile accidents.

4. An additional H-E-B grocery store at this location is not necessary. A new store could be built at I-35 and McCarty Lane without the negative impact of a store built on Purgatory Creek.

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