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San Isabel Board of Directors
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Experts are saying smart meters are unsafe, harmful to the environment, and often inaccurate. They can interfere with personal privacy and security.

Recent landmark developments: in Jan., 2012, public health authorities and a national physicians’ association decry the radiation from wireless smart meters:

The Santa Cruz Public Health Dept. issued a report, “Health Risks Associated With SmartMeters” that expressed strong concerns about the risk to public health, with scientific justifications

A large national physicians association, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, issued a position statement opposing the installation of smart meters based on forced, chronic exposure to wireless RF radiation as a known, preventable environmental hazard and risk to public health that should be prevented.

Concerning radiofrequency radiation exposures:

WHO determines RF radiation a significant cancer risk - placed in same category as a potential carcinogen along with leaded gasoline, DDT, exhaust, chlordane, and chloroform.

Landmark smart meter opt-out legal case won in Maine.

For more information on Smart Meters watch this YouTube video called "The Dark Side of Smart Meters".


We, as Customers of San Isabel Electric Coop. and/or Public Utility Consumers that expect delivery of service without being exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation (at any level).

San Isabel Electric Association has NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, NO REGARD FOR HUMAN SUFFERING AND NO REGARD FOR THE CITIZENS HEALTH AND WELFARE. The Board of Directors has sold their sole for a Globalist Agenda and Millions of Corporate dollars for their ultimate control.

Call the Public Utilities Commission and file a complaint to assist in this campaign.

Demand an OPT OUT OPTION from smart meter radiation.

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