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To: Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
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US Postal Service
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We, the fans of Sun Records artists, petition the United States Congress and the United States Postal Service to approve and issue a commemorative stamp honoring the late Father of Rock n' Roll, Sam Phillips. Without Mr. Phillips, many revolutionary events would not have taken place to better our world in music, radio broadcasting and in society.

It was Mr. Phillips who dared to break the race barriers so that white people can enjoy black music and so that black people can enjoy white music. When white and black music are put together, we have Rock n' Roll music.

In addition, Mr. Phillips believed in equal opportunity for women who aspired to become radio announcers, radio program directors and DJ's by opening up the very first all-girl radio station, which opened the door for both men and women to work together in a once all male-dominated career field.

Furthermore, it was in Mr. Phillips' tiny music studio in Memphis, Tennessee, known as the Memphis Recording Service (now Sun Studio), that Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Howlin Wolf, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich, Little Milton, Rufus Thomas, and many, many more internationally-known artists, were given the nurture of their own personal talents to become the greatest artists in 20th century music.

We, the fans, urge the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Postal Service to approve and issue a stamp depicting the image and likeness of Mr. Sam C. Phillips, the Father of Rock n' Roll. He was an honorable American and influential 20th century icon who deserves such a prestigious honor!


The Fans of Sun Records Artists and the worldwide Elvis Presley Fan Clubs

We, the undersigned, petition the United States Postal Service Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee to issue the Sam Phillips Commemorative Stamp. This would be a way of ‘giving something back’ to the man who gave so much. If not for Sam, a social revolution in music and radio would have never taken place. It took this man with so much drive, passion, charisma, enthusiasm and wild-eyed fire in his soul to accomplish these monumental things.

Please honor the Father of Rock’n’Roll with this prestigious and ultimate tribute, by honoring him with an official United States Postage Stamp.


The Undersigned

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