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Wiltshire Council
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The dispute between Wiltshire council and Salisbury City council has the left the city centre without CCTV since June 2016.
Wiltshire council promised the £500,000 fibre system following the pulled plug in August 2016 when the interim operation was made redundant alongside the CCTV operators.
Crime numbers have risen dramatically in Salisbury on a year on year basis, read for yourself the statistics at http://www.ukcrimestats.com/Neighbourhood/Wiltshire_Police/Salisbury
At a time where the government are cutting back on police numbers and rarely do we get a "Bobby on the beat" it is unnacceptable for the CCTV, the protection and support the system provides, to be a pawn in a game of county and local council chess.
Salisbury PubWatch board, all of the members current and those intending on joining and - most importantly - the residents of Salisbury now demand a date of when this service will return, and how the operations will be managed, creating a safer place again for all to enjoy.

We, the residents, visitors & business operators of Salisbury, call on Wiltshire Council to honour the agreed provision and operation of CCTV within the City Centre of Salisbury and to provide concise commencement dates by the election dates in May.

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