#City & Town Planning
Township of Centre Wellington

Currently, SPS services 172 local children. In addition the school is a bus drop-off point for other schools and is used extensively by the local community in a manner of different ways (sledding, park, soccer, and other recreational activities).

The school sits on Sideroad 15, a busy through way for traffic linking Fergus and Elora, and as well, acts as a bypass for both commercial and residential traffic.

Today, the safety of the SPS children and community in general is provided by two painted school crossing markings, two small school crossing signs, and a speed restriction to 40km in the school zone. There are no overhead crosswalk signs, crossing guards, speed bumps or other safety measures in place to proactively diminish the likelihood of a preventable accident.

We, the undersigned, call on Michael Wood (CAO) Township of Centre Wellington and Local Council to improve crosswalk and general community access & safety by improving signage (overhead sign), improving crosswalk visibility, and improve speed reduction controls on Sideroad 15.

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