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The Murray Bridge Hospital is detriment to the town and wider community. It needs the Emergency Department to be full functional and in full operation FROM the Murray Bridge Hospital site.
Not have diversions to a Private clinic.
All emergency presentations and Ambulances must present and be treated at the location of the hospital - as redirecting such cases to a different location and private business is not only dangerous but non productive and a waste of resources.
The community also can not afford to be charged exorbitant rates for treatment.
For the private practice that has the tender to the Hospital to be receiving money from Country Health SA to provide the Dr service and to be diverting the service to a private practice and charging the patients instead of being at the location it is being paid to cover is ludicrous.

The Murray Bridge Hospital is vital for our community, the closest major Hospital is on Adelaide over 1 hour away. Patients should not have to wait for hours on end to be seen and then be charged exorbitant rates in the event of an emergency. Our Community deserves a salaried paid doctor to be stationed in Murray Bridge 24 hours per day, 7 days per week as other regional centres such as Mount Gambier. We call on the Sate Government to provide 24 hour access and availability to the Emergency Services Department situated at the Murray Bridge Hospital and ensure this service is bulk billed.

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