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United Nations Security Counsel
Western Sahara

Gdeim Izik

The protest started on the night of October 9, 2010, when a group of a few Saharawis erected a protest camp in a place known as Gdeim Izik, 12 km. south-east of El Aaiun. The number of protesters increased rapidly in the first weeks from a few hundred "Khaimas" (traditional tents) to several thousands, coming from other towns of Western Sahara and southern Morocco.

In the first week of November, its population was estimated between 5,000 and 20,000 inhabitants. Additional camps were erected in the outskirts of Bojador, Dekhla and Smara, The primary objective of the camp was to protest against "ongoing discrimination, poverty and human rights abuses against local citizens", but later some protesters demanded the independence for Western Sahara.

We urge all seekers of justice and defenders of human rights to preserve and uplift the traditions and culture of the Saharawi people, especially those living under the duress of the Moroccan occupation.

The Saharawi, long known as nomads, cherish the freedom and flexibility of tent-life, and draw strength and succor from their experience of summers along the Atlantic shores of the Western Sahara. Now, the Moroccan regime seeks to diminish the Saharawi by denying them their most defining cultural practices.

We must stand together and demand, “Let the Saharawi breathe freedom and live in peace.” The Moroccan government in the occupied territories is unabashed in diminishment of the Saharawis, through the erasure of Saharawi identity and culture – a clear violation of United Nation conventions and a blow to personal and cultural freedom worldwide.

To steal away the cornerstone of a people’s identity is a form of torture, eroding the very foundation of an entire culture. The Saharawi can endure only so much. For those suffering under the shadow of the Moroccan regime, this may well crush their last respite. Please help us protect the Saharawi people and the cornerstone of the Saharawi identity – please say “Yes” to Saharawi Summer Tents.

ندعو كل المدافعين عن الحرية وحقوق الانسان لمساعدة الشعب الصحراوي في المناطق المحتلة لحقهم في قضاء الصيف بشواطئهم. فمن المعروف أن الصحراويين بدو يعتزون بكل لحظة يقضونها في خيامهم، الآن نظام الاحتلال المغربي يفرض على الصحراويين السجن داخل بيوتهم، حيث منعهم من بناء الخيام على طول السواحل للصحراء الغربية.
فمن المستعجل والضروري أن ندعو جميعا وبصوت عال ، دعوا الصحراويين يستنشقون هواء الحرية والعيش بسلام. فأساليب الحكومة المغربية بالمناطق المحتلة تثبت تورطها في الاقدام على اكبر جريمة ضد الانسانية ألا وهي طمس ومحو الهوية الصحراوية. وهي خرق لمعاهدة الامم المتحدة ضد التعذيب النفسي والجسدي. فالصحراويون لا يمكنهم تحمل المزيد من القمع والاضطهاد، فالرجاء حماية حق الصحراويين وخاصة المسنين الذين ينتظرون بفارغ الصبر مرة في السنة التخييم بشواطئهم وبطريقتهم الخاصة.
الرجاء قل نعم لخيام الصحراويين الصيفية.

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