#School Safety
Mr. Jack Nata, Manager Division of Traffic Signals For the City of Newark
United States of America

The students, parents, staff and community members at Abington Avenue School believe that there is a strong need for "Speed Bumps" and "School Zone" signs around the local streets surrounding Abington Avenue School.

Abington Avenue School is located at 209 Abington Avenue between North 6th and North 7th Street next to St. Francis Elementary School as well as the Mount Carmel Guild Cares School. Within a two block radius there are three different schools home to well over 1,000 local school children.

It is imperative for the safety of our school children, their family members and the staff at each of the schools that speed bumps be put into place to slow down the rush hour traffic moving throughout the neighborhood.

Having signs noting the school zone would also help in making drivers aware of the three elementary programs that are currenlty in this area.

We, the undersigned believe that the City of Newark needs to put the safety of our children and families first by helping to make our streets safe for our children to cross.

We believe that there is a need for speed bumps as well as school zone sinage needed around the Abington Avenue School area. With the installation of speed bumps drivers will be forced to slow down in this highly populated area.

We hope this petition encourages the local government officials to make changes that will keep our community, families, students and staff memebers safe.

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