#Crosswalk/Crosswalk Signal
The City of Lowell
United States of America

1001 Westford st. is a moderately busy street that requires individuals to make a crossing in order to catch the city bus. There's a large apartment complex between 1001 Westford St. and the city bus stop.

People that live in this apartment complex has to cross 1001 Westford st. to catch the city bus. The apartment complex provides residence to individuals that are elderly, visually impaired/blind, wheelchair users, and adults with children.

1001 Westford st. has a wheelchair ramp on both sides but, does not have a crosswalk outline or a crosswalk signal. Cars are traveling at high speeds that make it difficult for individuals with "normal vision" and without physical limitations to cross.

Therefore, crossing 1001Westford St. is almost impossible for the elderly and individuals with disabilities to cross safely. The observation/evaluation of 1001 Westford st. was made by a certified Orientation and Mobility specialist.

We the people of Massachusetts call on the City of Lowell to place a crosswalk signal and a crosswalk at 1001 Westford st.

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