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Rogers is developing at a fast rate and is still viewed as a rural or third-tier suburb, according to Hennepin County.
The growth rate of Rogers and the larger area has caused traffic to increase. As major home developments grow the surrounding population, the traffic problems are only compounded.
Rogers is already divided by i-94. But neighborhoods and associations have become more fragmented by high-speed county roads with little shoulder room for pedestrians.
We are asking for the following:
1. Brockton Lane N: Suitable speed zones for families. Suitably marked pedestrian crossings to connect our neighborhoods and associations. Families represent the majority of these homes. Today the only reasonable means of crossing this 55 MPH zone is to hope for someone like a friendly semi driver to stop traffic for kids and parents.
1a. Brockton Lane N should have multiple turn lanes and widened shoulders to make room for pedestrian traffic.
2. A study and long-term development of the area along Cty 144 that divides Rogers Highschool and Community Center, and Rogers Middle School and north community park. We need this area to be safe and relieved of the congestion.
3. We need Cty 116 to connect to Cty 81, so that it bypasses Main St, Rogers. North of 116 was closed for a traffic circle and additional development just this year. The diverted traffic was most unwelcome and disruptive to school traffic.
3a. Cty 116 should be widened or a distinct pedestrian cycling lane added to connect Crow Hassan Park area through to Brockton Ln N/Cty 101. This would work to connect parks and major roadways to regional trails.

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History and Some Major Community Citings
Exhibit A: Brockton Lane N
Brockton Meadows Association has over 100 homes. Brockton Meadows Park is just west of Brockton Lane N. Over 40 homes are on the east side of Brockton Meadows Association.
Birchwood Estates is a new development that will put another 61 homes to the east of Brockton Lane N with the park destination on the other side of the high-speed county road.
Additional development in Dayton east on N Diamond Lake Rd causes additional traffic. Further development in Otsego compounds the problem and risks.

Exhibit B: N Diamond Lake - Cty 144
The Rogers High School and Middle School are home to over 2,000 students and staff. The Community Center and Recreation facility is in this area. This is an area that requires cooperation between multiple entities. The city of Rogers has made several changes to make the best of a stick traffic area. However, there is a need for further development.

Exhibit C: Territorial Road - Cty 116 and Main St
Neighborhood developments in Rogers have pushed out to Cty Rd 116. Traffic is a major concern. The Rogers Elementary School sits along Main St, and a big park project will expand the amenities and fields adjacent to the school. Another development is being built along Cty 116 in the near future, compounding these traffic concerns.

Exhibit D: Fletcher Bypass - Cty 116 to 81
A study in 2008 occurred to review suburb traffic along the i-94 NW corridor. It deemed Cty 116 and Fletcher/Cty 116 performing unacceptably. Today this intersection has a temporary traffic light and no left turn to detour to Cty 81. The N Fletcher gravel stretch of road that connects to Cty 81 is not a reasonable option for rush hour traffic.
Rogers put more money forward in 2018. (See article: https://www.hometownsource.com/press_and_news/community/rogers/plans-continue-for-extension-of-fletcher-bypass-in-rogers/article_ff7a463a-c1bd-11e8-9413-cf28199ee626.html ) The city of Rogers has been waiting for the execution of the Fletcher Bypass project. Exhibit C states that traffic has and will only become more problematic along Main St, which passes by our main south community park and elementary school. For decades, the bypass has been studied to help relieve Main St of wear and tear and risk to children and neighbors. Main St will be developed soon with major projects scheduled, only exacerbating the problems.

We, the people of Rogers and the surrounding communities, call upon Hennepin County's Public Works Transportation Planning, and our area representatives, to invest in the safety and traffic concerns on our county roads. Our growing community requires the County to act so that our neighborhoods and commutes can be navigated with ease and our residents remain safe.

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