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District 39 Board of Education
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Ever rising property taxes are depressing home values, shutting out new young families from Wilmette, and hurting the economic vitality (and tax base!) of our community. Safeguard our schools and our community for the long term - no school levy hike for 2018.

We, the undersigned, support our Wilmette public schools and the Village of Wilmette. We believe the long term health of our schools, village, and neighborhoods depends on our community flourishing economically, and our elected boards demonstrating fiscal prudence while saying "no" to unnecessary property tax increases.

We oppose increasing the school levy yet AGAIN next year for the following reasons:

• Wilmette schools can be fully funded next year – even with NO levy/tax increase.
• The levy has gone up by 32 percent in eight years - THREE TIMES the increase in the CPI during that time, and TWICE the increase of Wilmette's median household income.
• Regular, dramatic increases in property taxes, when home values remain at 2008 levels, further depresses home values and sales. This impacts our tax base and our schools’ long term financial health;
• Higher property taxes and more spending do not equal better schools - many suburban Chicagoland schools perform better/rank higher on fewer dollars spent per student than Wilmette/D39;
• The new federal tax plan caps the once unlimited federal property tax deduction, and exacerbates the negative impact on families of every dollar taken in property tax increases – like never before;
• Since 2007, D39 has incurred more than $137,000 in FINES from Illinois for spiking teacher salaries prior to their retirement, which fattens pensions and contributes to Illinois' financial crisis. The School Board should show they are defending students and taxpayers against such systemic abuse before considering any levy increase;
• D39 says it has been preparing for an eventual "property tax freeze" that hasn't happened, and anticipating other State of Illinois financial issues, for nearly a decade. They should be transparent about where that money is before
considering a levy increase;
• Homeowners on fixed incomes in our community are especially vulnerable to any property tax increase;
• If at any time an unmet need arises, D39 can ask for a referendum and make their case to the voters for more funds.

For more visit www.newtrierneighbors.org

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