#Human Rights
Whittington Coalition for Our Right to a Healthy Environment

The Liberal Government have established 550 meter setbacks from the homes of Ontario residents without performing any health studies. Europe is calling for 1.5km to 5.0km setbacks to reduce the adverse health affects.

In Ontario there are over 110 residents who are experiencing adverse health affects from Industrial Wind Turbines and The Liberal Government continues to deny the adverse health affects and won’t even visit the homes of people impacted. Some homes have been abandoned and others bought out by Wind Developers after legal action.

People are sick all over the world from wind turbines and Ontario must also increase the distances to protect health and property values. Please sign our petition to increase wind turbine setback distances.

By signing this petition you are supporting an increase in Industrial Wind Turbine setback distances from 550 meters in Ontario Canada to 2000 meters minimum with a preference for 5000 meters.

You are also agreeing it is wrong for the Ontario government to have imposed this setback without performing health and epidemiology studies.

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