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Geelong Council declared to introduce a staged truck ban on Central Geelong in an effort to revitalise the CBD and improve its amenity and appeal.

Ryrie Street is a main street managed by Vic Roads and introducing truck restrictions was not supported in Councils application.

Malop Street restrictions are already underway and has experienced dramatic reduction in trucks and noise.

Ryrie Street has a variety of residential homes, shops, hospitals and medical clinics, high school and gardens that residents, workers, and visitors either drive, cycle or walk along.

Allowing trucks to continue through the CBD is disheartening, at the detriment of being a desirable City and does not encourage retail and city living to prosper.

Support Council in advocating to VicRoads to introduce truck restrictions on Ryrie Street.

We request Vic Roads to introduce a truck ban on Ryrie Street Geelong to improve the amenity, health and well being for residents, businesses and visitors of Central Geelong.

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