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Ryan Daly was a good honest young man with no convictions and a heart of gold, he was known in the community for all the right reasons. On 1st April 2005 Ryan was on his way home from celebrating his 19th birthday when his life came to a brutal and early end.

Ryan died after being attacked by a vicious Thug. The teenage hoodlum, who was out on a thieving spree with his friends, attacked Ryan with a five foot wooden beam embedded with a nail, the impact of the blow ripped off part of his face.

He later died in the arms of parents Angela and Ken Daly who expected their son's killer to face a long prison sentence.

However, they were stunned when the Judge handed out just three and a half years in jail for manslaughter.

Ryan's law would mean that the crime of manslaughter could not be applied if the person charged used any type of weapon. If a weapon is used the culprit intended serious harm and so the charge should be murder!

People responsibe for such crimes should be punished with a life sentence, getting rid of the manslaughter charge for a crime using a weapon would be the first place to start!

We, the undersigned, call on Her Majesty's Government to make changes to the criminal law that will apply the charge of murder to any crime that causes death involving a weapon.

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