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Ryanair LON-AHO
United Kingdom

Please support my petition in order to change the time of the flight from London Stanstead to Alghero; the current time is 6.15am, the fact is that in order to be at the airport 2 hrs prior departure you need to leave your house at 2 am, the other main problem is that often at the time there is no or very limited public transport making it nearly impossible to reach the airport... my suggestion is that if we manage to get the time of the flight changed to 8 am rather than 6.15, everyone would be able to catch the public transport more easily and as a result catch more sleep too!!!

Please sign my petition and help me to get a better and easier way to travel !!!

Good luck and let's hope that Ryanair would listen and change their timetable but if we do nothing about it now, nothing will ever change....
thank you all for your support.

I ask Ryanair to change the time of the flight London Stanstead to Alghero from 6.15 am to 8 am as it is too difficult to reach the airport at such a time!!!

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