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We need as many signatures as we can get so the future cabin crew will have a decent start of their working life instead of the ones that they received now.

This petition is about Ryanair and agents recruiting students, charging them a sum of £2000 for their training, then for little to no reason Ryanair and their agents are terminating probational cabin crew contracts, sometimes up to 100 each week and at the same time are recruiting new students to take training courses at a charge of £2000. Terminating to keep training courses full. To also stop Ryanair and their agents from bullying and forcing staff with probational period contracts with Crewlink and Workforce to resign and charging an extra £190. Also Ryanair, Crewlink, Dalmac, St james and Cavok must stop advertising on their websit's how easy, after a 12 month period that almost guarantees our children a full Ryanair contract, which in most cases does not happen.

Also Ryanair Cabin Crew Training Course should be paid once students start work and our children should not be offered a bank loan at a high interest rate.As adult enough for our children to work on Ryanair Aircract, taking care of passengers, they must be allowed to open their own bank account and not the bank Ryanair tells them to.

Please read my story and my daughter story about RYANAIRDONTCARE.Thank you

Together with your help we can stop ryanair and agents from scamming our children.

john foley 07544948623

We have found out crewlink, dalmac, cavoc, sjjames, workforce are all owned and opened by RYANAIR. Ryanair must stop this recruitment pyramid and all terminated cabin crew want damages off Ryanair...



This is very easy to understand and all money goes to the top... RYANAIR.O'LEARY & BONDERMAN.

I am asking you to sign my petition so that Ryanair and will stop terminating probational period contracted cabin crew for the sole purpose of earning training course fees.

To stop the bullying of probational contracted cabin crew students to resign and charging them £190.

To stop Ryanair and Bank of Ireland offering high interest bank loans to cover training course fees, these fees should be paid once students have started work and not before.Cabin crew should not be forced to open a bank of Ireland account for their salary to be sent to,they should let all cabin crew pick their own bank.
Ryanair must stop this recruitment pyramid and all terminated cabin crew want damages off Ryanair...


Allied Irish Bank is now giving traing loans out to probation cabin crew. Comment made on 13th August 2010.

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