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London Mayor and Transport for London
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1) TfL proposes to terminate six bus routes (4, C11, 17, 143, W5 and 390) at Archway Road, which will lead to 50 buses/hour running empty and stopping A1 traffic when they U-turn across Archway Road.

The same mileage can be better used to serve the Whittington Hospital and Upper Holloway station instead. It will meet rising demand, help ease hospital visits, facilitate bus-rail changes and reduce A1 delays.

2) Two other Archway bus routes (41 and 210) can also turn right at St John's Way, instead of taking longer routes via Junction-Vorley-MacDonald Roads to reach Highgate Hill.

Under the current proposal, buses will run through but passengers cannot board 41 or 210 on Vorley Road. Vorley Road is a narrow one-way road and the only exit from Girdlestone Estate, Archway Children's Centre, the local library and public swimming pool, 260 new flats and a 160-bed hotel. Routing more traffic through but not serving the area, will endanger children and residents (congestion, pollution and accidents) without any benefit to passengers or the environment.

For bus map and more info, see: n19bus.wordpress.com

We, the undersigned, call on the London Mayor and Transport for London:

1) To run existing Archway bus services to Whittington Hospital (main entrance) and Upper Holloway Station, instead of terminating at Archway Road.

2) To allow buses 41 and 210 to turn right from St John's Way to Archway Road/Highgate Hill, instead of the longer route via Vorley Road.

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