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I am setting out this petition to challenge the MSA (motorsports association UK) for immediate change to their Rule of 5 years life for competition Seats & Belts, which I believe to be Unfair, Inaccurate and Potentially unsafe.

UNFAIR. Competitors have currently found themselves being financially bled dry by having to spend over £1000 every 5 years just to satisfy Rules adapted by the MSA which I believe were only a recommendation to them. Some Competitors have already left MSA motorsport and moved to a different jurisdiction that offers a 10 year life on seats.

INACCURATE. We currently have competitors competing in 50 stage rallies over 5 years with an average of 100 miles per event = Total 5000 competitive miles against a clubman who may only compete in 18 clubman events in 5 years with an average of 40 miles per event = Total 720 competitive miles. Competitors in Sprint and Hill Climb events only do approx 20 miles per event times 8 events in the year = Total 160 competitive miles. This simply does not add up to being an accurate ruling.

POTENTIALLY UNSAFE. My conclusion of the 5 year life of Motorsport seats and belts coupled with the financial strain have led to the following.

1/ Competitors that used to have seats costing close to £1000 in their cars are now buying seats at £300- £400
2/ Competitors that used to have £350 seats installed are now buying a cheap £130 tubular seat that quite frankly I would be scared to have an accident in.
So all in all this Ruling is making motorsport more unsafe for competitors.

We the undersigned challenge the MSA (motorsports Association UK ) to adopt a more cost effective, fair and accurate ruling on the current 5 year life of Motorsport Seats and Belts.

Yours in Sport
Rodney White
Competitors Rep Stage Rallies Northern Ireland

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