Tru Blue

Rugby League live player have been starved of quality online game experiences. This petition is for Tru Blue to work with SuperCoach NRL and make Rugby League Live 5 or anti other name (SuperCoach19) (SuperCoach20).
This system will work like the Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT); with squad building, live transfer markets, player cards, etc.
The idea of working with SuperCoach will lighten the load on Tru Blue with SuperCoach having a large knowledge of Rugby league stats etc. Delivery the Gaming. Experience the Rugby League Fans have always wanted

Calling all Rugby League Gaming Fans, I’m after you signature to help deliver the next level of Rugby League games to the Consoles and PC. As all Fans have had dreams of an Ultimate Team yet for Rugby League. I’m trying to help deliver this for all Rugby League Gaming Fans!
Thank you!

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The Rugby League Live 5 (SuperCoach) petition to Tru Blue was written by Nick Andreas and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.