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Handing 'NGO Petition' to the PM To oppose Radicalisation of Islam and uphold the cause of Integrity of British Society
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 14:17:13 +0100

This petition is to seek justice for all citizens to exercise their full rights and unlike one of the British lad got jailed for 70 days for burning a quran but a muslim got away with just a peanut fine of £50 for committing a big blunder of burning our prestigious poppy. Also those muslims who openly burnt our flag of honour and the USA FLAG AND SHOUTED "God curse the queen", "British troops go to hell", "Sharia will rule Britain" have escaped any legal action or punishment. They are also defended by human rights no matter what they do.

This is where 'Ruby's NGO' takes its stand to oppose such discriminations and unjust judiciary system that will ruin our country badly. This is therefore to be seriously reviewed and should be done by the public votes only. This includes "Release the lad who burnt quran and his charges be removed".How is it that channel four telecast of the 'DESPATCHES' has not brought any legal challenge against an open rebellion against the British Sovereignty. Multiculture has terribly failed in the Europe which the PM also confirmed in his speech in Munich. So why is nothing done about it further.

It seems the PM is a double faced man who uses different tactics inside out and upholds double standards. It is time for everyone to vote here for what I am fighting for and anyone above 16 can vote and do it soon! Before 19th of June. I am also a UKIP member and future candidate for north London. Now to do the above we need many cheerful volunteers to take over many responsibilities and join hands for this glorious moment of history. Any contributions of any size for the covering up of the various cost is welcome. You can always find out about the things we need to organise this event. Pls.E-mail/telecall Ms.Ruby Akhtar for any clarifications.

Pakistan is in a mess that the whole world can see. On top of it the brutality is increasing day by day by Killing Christians/Jews and others who do not share the same faith as them. This is not democracy and the time has now come for the world leaders to address it.

You could include the aims and objectives of mine not neglecting the Minorities (Hindus, Sikhs and non-believers) and you could add some of your own that fits appropriate for the NGO. Mr.Moaz Ghanni is a young man from Pakistan, a muslim who wants to convert to Christianity and never wants to go back to Pakistan any more. Could you also put him somewhere he can fit into our NGO. One of the objectives women and girls who are bondage of the muslim world,we want justice to be offered to them and right to live as equal citizens of the country. Also Farooq you cant amend the objectives but use what it is saying it.Second objective the NGO is standing fore west as well like Britain, Austria and USA they dont have the human rights so we will take up the cause for them too.

They have been robbed their rights since 61 NGO's across the world and they all have got their label as pro-islam but Ruby's NGO don't want that label. One of the case is they don't have any human rights for any non muslims in this country because when one of them burnt a quran got 70 day in prison but when they burnt a poppy he was only fined and left uncharged. So we want equal rights as the muslims in the west. The same rule applies to everyone irrespective of their religions.

Ruby's NGO is a pro-humanitarian for jews, christians, hindus sikhs buddhists and atheists and who ever is the victim of faith ie; muslims. West is the victim of islam and there are none to defend them. We are the voice for the voiceless no matter where they they belong worldwide. This makes us different from all other 61 NGO's. Whoever goes to other countries must obey their rules and remain under their sovereignty.

No funds should be given to do or build anything that overrides the tradition of the country as the Arab world is doing. So Farooq pls. concentrate on the NGO and get the work done quickly because time is short and we have a lot to do. We need contributions in whatever form it is. Ex-muslims must be given the freedom to exercise their freedom and not to be intimidated by their fellow muslims. Middle east policy for Israel is open to debate. If you have any doubts feel free to contact me any time.


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