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On November 20, 2007, Kamron Klitgaard, Roy High School's theater department director, Drama teacher and one of the most influential mentors in so many students lives, was put on administrative leave due to alleged child pornography charges.

On July 21, 2008, all charges were dropped and the case was dismissed on a state level in the name of justice. Anyone who knew Mr. Klitgaard knew these heinous charges were absurd and that he was innocent, but due to SEVERAL inaccuracies both by local authorities and local media, our friends name was slandered and people were not given the truth. Here are the facts:

1. Kamron Klitgaard TURNED IN HIS OWN computer to school technicians after experiencing numerous problems with pop-ups and adware. After the technician discovered what appeared to be a child pornography image and another "questionable" image on the computer. Mr. Klitgaard was eager to prove his innocence and again TURNED OVER HIS OWN home computer and 2 other school computers (Another laptop and a desktop). All was voluntary and without a warrant from the police. Keep in mind we now have 4 computers, not 3 as reported. The fourth, which is left out of every media report, was the laptop Mr. Klitgaard had used most often, both at home and school for 4 years, and was found to be completely clean. No pornography of ANY kind. ALSO, it was reported that "Child pornography was found on all 3 computers." If this were true, why then would there not be 3 felony charges instead of the official 2?

2. Pornographic images were found on 1 of 3 school computers and his home computer. HOWEVER, according to the police report, the images found on his home computer had time stamps prior to October of 2007, the date when Mr. Klitgaard acquired the computer into his possession. There were NO pornographic image time stamps after this date.

3. "Distributing pornographic material" was NEVER a charge Mr. Klitgaard was accused of as reported by local media. According to the prosecuting attorney, this was a mistake in the booking codes by a local authority. No misdemeanors were filed. Only 2 felonies for the 2 "questionable" images.

After hearing the truth, it is easy to see why the case was dropped. It is now up to the citizens of Roy to help Mr. Klitgaard and give future students the once in a lifetime experience of having him as a mentor.

We, the undersigned, hereby call upon Weber County School District, to reinstate employment of Kamron Klitgaard as Roy High School's Theater Department Director and Drama teacher.

We believe him to be a valuable asset to Roy High and the community. We would, without question, recommend our children, grandchildren, friends and relatives to partake in the experience of enrolling in a class taught by Kamron Klitgaard at Roy High School.

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