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The fan club Roxette Recife, please ask the city on this tour include the beautiful Brazilian city of Recife in Pernambuco, Brazil. We had great international shows weight this year, 2010, for example: a-ha, Simply Red, The Black Eyed Peas, The Cranberries and others with great public support through more than 14 000 people.

Yesterday, with the announcement of world tour official website, you were among the topics most discussed Twitter social networking in Brazil and worldwide. This only demonstrates the strength that has the Roxette fans to mobilize the world to petition and to ask you in your cities.

Fans of Recife / Pernambuco - Brazil has a large and strong energy like from others Brazilian cities and so we ask: PLEASE INCLUDE ... ROXETTE REEF IN THE BRAZILIAN TOUR BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT LOVES YOU.

Fã Clube Roxette em Recife, pede por gentileza a todos os fãs do Nordeste que assinem esta petição com intuito de trazer o melhor Duo de todos os tempos da música mundial. Roxette em Recife 2011!!

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