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Team Rowland

Team Rowland Tour had announced their European tour and they added Vienna to the list, which is right next to Hungary. Only 20 Hungarian supporters could go to that show because it's kinda far away, which means young fans couldn't go alone, but we really would like to have the opportunity to meet all of the boys in our beautiful country.

Unfortunately I know that the tour is not only up to the boys, but the Hungarian fandom would do anything to see them in Budapest. We've been spamming the boys to come to Hungary since July and Hunter and Brandon even noticed us a few times, but then they announced the show in Vienna and only 20 supporter could go to that show. So please, give us a chance! We really would like to meet you guys and I know we could sell out that one show!

We're all just fans trying to reach our dreams and it would mean the absolute world to us if you could sing the petition

Love you all so much,
The Hungarian supporters Xx

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