Collingwood Minor Hockey Association

According to the Mission Statement of CMHA, it is for the players to play at the highest levels possible for their talents.

The CMHA board has voted and dictated to coaching staffs that they must cut down to a certain participation number and in particular the number of goalies that an "A" team can take thus limiting some teams to one goalie of A caliber and cutting a player of the same caliber so that the AE team can have the 2 goalies and more players than an "A" team.

This violates the mission statement of the organization to the detriment of talented players who should be playing at the higher level and to the detriment of teams as a whole.

We, the undersigned, (members, participants and interested parties) call on Collingwood Minor Hockey to repeal it's decision to only allow one goaltender and limits on player numbers of "A" caliber players to participate when it is clear that two of the same caliber exist as this not only violates the Mission Statement of CMHA but penalizes the players in question.

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