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Hello Anime Fan's! I my self want to see the show come back do you!? for a long time i have asked my friends even random strangers that like Anime and they all say that they want the show to come back due to its awesome story line and the fact that it made others stay up at night watching the show till all 2 seasons were done I myself tested how long the show would be if i did a marathon i was able to watch it in one day and felt that it was left wide open and left me with Questions as if Gonzo and Funimation just did a quick stop to it and left me wondering what happens after it?

I then created a Facebook page called Rosario Vampire Fandom Page then after that i went on it every day and saw that the likes were skyrocketing and now in just 1 and 1/2 months i have 1,543 likes and i then said let me see how many actually like the show so i looked on Facebook and saw this many people 195,118 people like it and went wow that's allot of people and i think if they brought the show back there would be so many fans happy and also may be a good for the company's part because more merchandise=Money and the company can benefit off of it in so many ways to we are happy they are happy.

We The Undersigned sing this petition and make Gonzo and Funimation understand that the show (Rosario+Vampire) is not dead but still alive!

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