Roseland Community Organization

Because its unique and extensive tree canopy, both private and public, is one of the defining and important attributes of the Roseland Community, and...

Because a major portion of this canopy is threatened by the extensive removal of mature and healthy privately owned trees, and.

Because continued removal of private trees will damage the canopy to an extent that will take generations to replace.

We, the undersigned members of the Roseland Community, strongly request that as part of the recommendations of the Roseland Character Study, a Private Tree By-Law, modeled on that of the Town of Oakville, be implemented for the Roseland Neighbourhood, as defined in the aforementioned Study, for a four year period beginning on the date of implementation, and reviewed at the end of this period to determine its effectiveness in preserving the canopy.

OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF ROSELAND: Lakeshore>Guelph Line>St. Clair >Rossmore >Lakeshore>Guelph Line, including all of Princess, Hampton Court, Roseland Crescent and Lakeshore addresses up to 3166 on the south side and 3163 on the north side and then west to Guelph Line.

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