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The city of Compton has been the Hub of the West Coast rap scene for 3 decades now, since N.W.A released “Straight Outta Compton” in 1988. Since then, rapper/producer DJ Quik has risen in prominence and even made the number 1 spot on LA Weekly’s top ten local producers list. He collaborated with fellow Compton artist Problem on the 2016 EP “Rosecrans,” which was released on CD but the 2017 follow up full-length album never was. As another masterpiece in DJ Quik’s discography, as well as being historically relevant in West Coast hip-hop for being the first time DJ Quik included longtime rival MC Eiht of Comptons Most Wanted on an album, I’m creating this petition to have this LP released on CD. Digital releases are the future, but physical releases are important for collectors and also have a higher sound quality. For an album that makes your ears feel like they’re eating candy, a physical pressing on a CD is a must! And I would like to make the recommendation that 15% of each disc sold be donated to the city of Compton’s education system. With each bright young student in Compton’s public schools lies the possibility for another musical genius like DJ Quik to carry on the city’s sonic legacy.

Please sign this petition to release DJ Quik and Problem’s album “Rosecrans” on CD and help donate to the City of Compton. Photo credit to Kent Nishimura of the Los Angeles Times for the image of Rosecrans Ave that appears on the link but was deleted from the petition. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-hip-hop-rosecrans-20180118-htmlstory.html

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