Ron Paul
United States of America

A Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich split ticket will electrify large blocs who would otherwise be too demoralized by the current group of Presidential candidates to bother participating.

Dear Congressman Paul: June 21, 2011

We, the Undersigned, ask you to select Rep. Dennis Kucinich as your Vice-President should you become the nominee, or even before the first primaries.

Your mutual dedication to speaking the truth, obeying the Constitution, restoring our civil liberties and ending our illegal wars will bring hope and inspiration for real productive changes to the American people.

It will also electrify the Presidential race, which is frankly filled with boring, corrupt and highly depressing people, except for you, and bring in large blocs of voters who would be too demoralized to participate otherwise.

We cannot think of a more honorable and qualified public servant that you could select to be your heir apparent.

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