#Civil Rights
We the people.
United States of America

The supreme court can NOT and will NOT remover the Roe vs. Wade law due to the destruction of constitutional rights. Scholars have estimated, that twenty to twenty-five percent of all teens still seeked means to abort, even before 1973's passing of Roe v Wade. These means were dangerous to the life and health of the teen and cuased more harm then good. We the people, know, that if women that are trying to abort are not heard and their rights protected, they will go back to these unsafe practices. We the people, also know, that unwanted children that are born, or children born from mothers with birthing complications that die during the birthing process, will be put in a already over crowded foster system or left on the streets. Which CAN and WILL cause detrimental issues across the US. and goes against the very concept or protecting life.

We the undersigned, call on the US Congress and the Supreme Court to stop the destruction of constitutional rights by keeping the Roe vs. Wade law in effect,

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