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Buckhurst Hill Parish Council
United Kingdom

Buckhurst Hill Parish Council wish to develop a new playground in Roding Valley.

This will be 1/6th of an acre in size, will has equipment over 12ft high and is sited close to residents gardens and will mean removing trees and bulldozing the landscape. The council also propose to change the existing playground into a ball park with teen shelter.

This will cost a 1/4 of a million pounds, yes thats £250,000 pounds of council tax money. This is plain daft, when all that is needed is to upgrade the existing playground at a fraction of the cost, ditch the ball park and teen shelter.

We need your support to object to this obscene development.

We, the residents call for Buckhurst Hill Parish Council to see common sense, adopt the residents proposals by modernising the existing playgorund, drop the teen shelter and ball park proposal stop the demolition of trees and damage to landscape and spend the residents Council taxes wisely.

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