Psyonix game rocket league recently did an update on the game where they took away all casual extra modes such as rumble,dropshot,hoops, and someday therefore forcing all of us who play rumble yo play in competitive only which makes the game less enjoyable for us gamers who dont wish to play competitive mode because it makes it much harder to win and play against much tougher players since this has started wins are few and far between not all of us spend hours upon hours on this game to compete in competitive modes which makes it totally unfair to us what we are asking for is for either A.) Put an option to play in casual mode for rumble and other modes or B.) Put rumble and other modes back in only casual playlist. Join us in signing this petition so psyonix hears us!

We the players of rocket league wish to have rumble and other modes returned to casual playlist so that we can enjoy playing the game again without going against top tier players who have much more time to play this game and therefore in return being much more skilled at the game.

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