#Robloxian Rights

On March 22, 2012, ROBLOX announced their new ideas of 3.0. Most people saw it as a joke, until on April 26, ROBLOX came back with a preview of not only faces and body sketches, but the real thing.

Once again, ROBLOX ignored peoples cry for them to stop, and then on May 15, people saw their first glimpse of a new horror that will influence a generation of Online Daters (ODers). On June 16, 2012, ROBLOX announced that these bodies would be purchasable in a few weeks.

ROBLOX is ignoring it's users, and is giving keeping a blind eye one what needs to be fixed; Exploits and account stealing.

But now it is our turn. If we can stand together under a unified alliance of everyone, we can stop this from happening, and make us heard by ROBLOX. This has to stop. Now.

We, Robloxians, Demands The 3.0 Bodies to Be Scrapped, For Good.

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The [ROBLOX] Anti 3.0 Bodies petition to Roblox was written by Tom Skalavenchko and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.

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