#City & Town Planning
Robinson Township, Allegheny County
United States of America


A development company is in the process of purchasing Lots 267-A-370 (Buranosky Property), 267-G-290 (Phillips Property) and 267-A-71 (Phillips Property) with the intent to build over 60 Single Family homes and over 60 Carriage Homes.

The purchaser is requesting a Zoning Change from R2 Residential Building to R3 Medium Density Building for Lot 267-A-370 in order to build the Carriage Homes.

It is not clear the number of acres in the total purchase of 70+ acres will be developed to support both the Single Family homes and Carriage homes but it IS clear that the zoning variance to Lot 267-A-370 allowing for medium construction is :
 Totally out of character with the neighborhood.
 Will take away more of our township's shrinking green space.
 Have a negative impact on natural waterways.
 Will cause a negative impact to residents and emergency personnel that must commute on roadways that already struggle to support the ever growing traffic volume.
 Cause unwarranted changes to the property taxes of current residents whose property neighbors the aforementioned Lots.

We the undersigned strongly oppose the re-zoning of Lot 267-A-371 as well as the entire development plan and urge Robinson Township's Council Members to oppose the proposal.

We further recommend that the Planning and Zoning Commission reject the request to change the zoning on said property to permit construction of medium density housing.

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