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You've seen him as loveable better-than-the-chippendales stripper Gaz in The Full Monty. You've witnessed him as loveable rager Don in 28 Days Later. You may even have watched him play along with Jack 'The Jackhammer' Baeur as his pardner-in-freedom in 24: Redemption. But how about this...
...Robert Carlyle as The Next Doctor!

Put him in the running, put him in the offing, put him up for this! He would be GREAT! The looks, the charm, the dedication and the mirth! Is he NOT the logical evolution of David Tennant's doctor?

I hereby agree with the other signers on this petition, that Robert Carlyle should be in the running or, indeed, in the TARDIS, by the time the next regeneration rolls around.

For Gallifrey and for those brave souls who lost their lives in the Time Wars, give us an interesting successor!

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