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RJ Corman Railroad Co
United States of America

The railroad bridge near N. Broadway & New Circle Rd presents many safety issues, including the narrow & low clearance. There is nowhere for anyone to walk except out into the lane of this busy road, causing drivers to have to move over into inner lane, risking getting hit themselves.

Also of concern are the semi trucks that get stuck, blocking traffic and causing traffic backups. Poor drainage and grading cause flooding during rain storms. The road is often blocked until water subsides.

I met an elderly woman today who has to maneuver this dangerous stretch of road daily, risking her life. She begged me to try to get something done "before I get killed." Please make this a safer, more appealing entrance into our city.

We, the undersigned, are calling on the R.J. Corman Railroad Co. to use the TIGER ($17,000,000.00 federal stimulus money) to improve the safety of their property near N. Broadway & New Circle Rd in Lexington Ky.

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