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Tulsa City Council
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Riverview is a diverse and thriving collection of several historic subdivisions, including three national historic registrations, that currently have diverse zoning codes including residential, multifamily, commercial and office use.

The Riverview district contains more than 1174 multi-family living units, from owned apartments and townhouse units to duplexes and townhouses, plus small, medium, and large apartment buildings with rental prices ranging from $425/month to $2910 in the Cosmopolitan which contains 264 units. Riverview just may be the MOST diverse residential neighborhood in the city!

The overlay creates an automatic "approval by right" for the proposed changes and removes the right of existing residents to participate in a forum of discussion before a board of review at the city level before approval is given.

There is currently a longstanding and equitable process in place citywide which allows for new construction or modifications outside current zoning allowances to be considered on a case-by-case basis. It also allows the residents of the neighborhood which would be impacted to give their input before approval is granted.

The existing zoning does not deny the opportunity for new construction. It ensures that development in the Riverview area is thoughtfully considered with ample opportunity for input from the people who live in the neighborhood so that new builds will enhance and not detract from the distinctive character of the diverse architectural styles that give the neighborhood its timeless appeal.

For the reasons listed above I believe that Riverview should be excluded from the Neighborhood Infill Overlay.

We, the residents and property owners of Riverview Neighborhood of Tulsa, including Norvell Park Addition, Childers Heights Addition, River Ford Addition, Campbell Addition, Stonebraker Heights Addition, and Carlton Place wish to NOT be included in the Neighborhood Infill Overlay as it is currently proposed.

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