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My son was k.i.a. on July 22, 07. His father was notified but I wasn't, his paperwork didn't even have me on it.

Due to a major indifference and a nasty divorce with his father his stepmother was identified herself as his natural mother so all his documents had her name on them. So as far as anyone knew she was his mother.

After 2 wks. of paperwork and providing his birth cert. and other records they have since been changed. But as I see it unless a child is adopted the paperwork should have space for both parents and room for step if the case calls for it.

I am wanting to get this paper they call the red document changed because families are not being notified properly, and they are depending on one or two family members to notify the others.

So some parents are not being told and they are not having any opportunity to say good bye to their children or husbands or wives.

So please help me get the ball rolling for a change in this process.

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