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Greenmaster have brought out a Pink Ribbon shirt for lady bowlers with $5.00 from every shirt sold going to the Breast Cancer Council.

There would not be a Bowling Club in NSW that has not lost a member to breast cancer or has had a member touched in some way by breast cancer.
The Greenmaster Tournament Pink (Ribbon) ladies bowls shirt is a small way that women bowlers can show their respect for these members and at the same time support The Breast Cancer Council which is ongoing in it’s research towards a cure for breast cancer.

The NSWWBA has had enquiries re the shirt so they are aware that women want to wear this shirt. The NSWWBA does not allow this shirt to be worn on social bowls days (it can only be worn on mufti days).There are a lot of women who do not play mufti bowls but would like to wear the shirt.

Even though the NSWWBA does donate to the Cancer Council , it is disappointing, to think that an organization of all women, are not putting their full support behind this cause. Our Australian and State Bowlers all wear colored shirts when they are playing. If the same shirt was brought out for our men bowlers, they would be allowed to wear it while playing social bowls. We are to be united with the RNSWBA (men’s bowls) in the future so I fail to see why this shirt cannot be worn by women on social days. Shouldn’t women be given the same opportunity as the men?

At a time when Bowling Clubs are trying to find ways of introducing the sport to our younger generation it makes no sense to continue with outdated views . The NSWWBA needs to catch up with the times. Young people (and some older ones too) like a bit of color and brightness in their lives. Isn’t it time for a change ?

I can’t think of a better way to introduce color into our game.
Allow the shirt , support our lost bowlers and support a wonderful charity.

To get the NSW Women's Bowls Association uniform committee to change outdated uniform laws and allow its women members to wear the Pink Ribbon shirt on social days.

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