Allan Rock, President of the University of Ottawa

In 1965 the University of Ottawa re-organized it's charter and became a secular institution in order to obtain government funding. Since then,the university has upheld it's commitment to a secular environment. However one glaring omission remains : the University of Ottawa's official motto.

"Deus Scientiarum Dominus Est"

This motto, which can be found on many official documents, signifies"God is the Lord of Knowledge".

Although the motto is not offensive to most major religions (a non-theist or a polytheist might take offence) and in itself does not actively deny UOttawa students' right to a secular education, the motto does formulate a strong and unequivocal statement that does not represent the orientations of this institution.

Finally, we wishes to re-affirm our belief that all students should be free to practise and follow their religious or spiritual orientations as they see fit and in the respect of others.

Therefore, this petition does NOT seek to promote hate towards any religion or its practitioners and seeks, on the contrary, to promote an environment of tolerance and social peace.

As such this petition asks that this lingering vestige of the past be put to rest and that either a new motto be chosen in its place that represents more justly the orientations of the institution or the motto simply be abolished.

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