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In April 2008, Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball/Softball (CCYB/S), a private organization, presented a proposal to the Concord Recreation Commission to convert Rideout Playground into a premiere baseball facility.

Rideout Playground is an area where people of all ages rest, run, fly kites, and play soccer, baseball, whiffle ball, football and Frisbee in the open space.

After hearing many concerns from the citizens of Concord on the CCYB/S proposal for the playground, the chair of the Concord Recreation Commission put forth proposed guidelines for the redevelopment of Rideout Playground by CCYB/S. The guidelines were presented at the Recreation Commission’s meeting on May 27th, 2008 and include the following:

• Eliminate one 60’ baseball diamond, likely Rideout #2—the one closest to the tot lot area
• Re-orient one 60’ baseball diamond—Rideout #3—in a northeasterly direction to minimize sun glare and possibly be closer to the tree line. (Note: getting closer to the tree line may not be possible if appropriate pathways to the field are added as required by the ADA.)
• Downsize the Concord Academy 90’ practice field (closest to Conant Street) to a 60’ diamond and turn it over for CCYB/S use, and erect a permanent “homerun” fence and warning track around the field. (Note: The homerun fence would be approximately 200 feet from home plate, and a backstop would be 30 feet behind home plate.)
• Investigate adding more parking by extending the lots from Bradford Street and Conant street

The proposed guidelines would maintain the current level of CCYB/S baseball game activity at Rideout Playground but would also add permanent fencing that would enclose one of the fields, compromising the open space currently enjoyed by all at the playground. The fenced-in field, from backstop to homerun fence, would occupy approximately one acre of currently useable space.

The Chair of the Concord Recreation Commission has asked the community, and the Recreation Commission, to consider the proposed guidelines and would like to hear feedback at a community information meeting (to be scheduled) and at the next Recreation Commission meeting in June.


We support eliminating the Concord Academy practice field and retaining the current inventory of three fields for CCYB/S games. We also support addressing any possible safety issues by re-orienting the three fields so that sunlight is not shining in players’ eyes.

We appreciate the Chair of the Recreation Commission’s attempt to address the needs of all constituents, however we fundamentally disagree with the idea of erecting any fencing that will enclose a field—either permanent or temporary— in Rideout Playground, and urge you to sign the petition so that we may collectively provide feedback to Town officials on this matter.

Rideout is a highly utilized public playground that the West Concord community depends upon, and it is not appropriate to fence off a portion of it for private use. There is very little open green space in West Concord, and all of Rideout needs to continue to be available as a multi-purpose recreation area for all.

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We, the undersigned, petition the Town of Concord not to install any fencing — either permanent or temporary — that will enclose a playing field at Rideout Playground.

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