#Law Reform
California Governor Jerry Brown
United States of America

Californias New Prison Realignment and Granting Good Time Credits for Time Served. This new policy having to do with only people who have committed a crime or who have been sentenced from the year 2011 to present these people getting 50 percent good time credit for time served. Meaning day served for day credit.

The problem of this is people being sentenced from 2011 on not being punished for crimes they had committed, and being released on their own goodwill disregarding the seriousness of the crime recently committed. And not looking at Prisoners whom have paid at least portions of the debt to society and is unlikley to reoffend.

Believing that California should use the risk factor assessment tool that so many other states have used and have had successful results. This risk factor should be used on all prisoners not including murders or rapists. Prisoners who should be looked at should be first time offenders as an adult, Prisoners who have been imprisoned for more than 5 years, and things that should be taken into consideration is good behavior while being imprisoned etc. This would help determine if a Prisoners likely to reoffend.

We the Undersigned call on Governor Jerry Brown and California Legislature to rewrite the new California Prison Realignments Good Time Credits to be given to all Prisoners excluding murders and rapists.

And to apply Risk Assessment tools on all Prisoners disregarding murderers and rapists.

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