Brigitte Lindholm

Rework Brigitte she literally broke the game and made it un-enjoyable. Please Blizzard, after the Diablo outrage and disaster listen to your community and fans that dedicated multiple hours to the game and enjoyed the skill meta where DPS still had a use in the game and you weren’t forced to play 3-3 cluster team comps to win. All you do is hold W and mouse1 nowadays instead of thinking about the decision you are making before engaging with Tracer for example.

Yours sincerely,
An overwatch fan

Let‘s get Blizzard to rework Brigitte. Together we are strong, she is not really a support, tank or DPS but is used for all 3. That is not what the game used to be and how the fun for the game was created. Let‘s get our voices together and hope for the best.
As a community we can not be ignored.

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