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In March 2010, CSU Office of the Chancellor suspended all Study Abroad Programs in Tijuana, BCS, Mexico in response to the Mexico travel warning issued by the US State Department.

Under CSU Executive Order 998, study abroad programs must not operate where there is a US State Department travel warning, unless specifically excepted by the Chancellor. This suspension was based solely on a surge in violence occurring in the northeast border states of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua and fails to consider the paradox of diminishing crime in Tijuana within recent months.

SDSU and Universities in Tijuana have a longstanding partnership in delivering a unique educational experience for students and promoting research along their shared border, which promotes a better understanding of one another. Many students across all departments choose to study at SDSU because of its close proximity to the border.

The suspension denies them an important component of their academic program and has interfered in all classes and research being conducted in Tijuana.

We, the undersigned faculty and students of SDSU, disagree with California State University Office of the Chancellor’s decision to suspend Study Abroad programs in Tijuana, B.C.S., Mexico.

We ask that an exception be made regarding Executive Order 998 for students studying abroad in Tijuana. The crime in the northeast Border States does not accurately reflect the current situation in Tijuana, where crime has decreased dramatically in recent months. We feel that Tijuana poses minimal risk to students who follow security protocols implemented by SDSU to ensure their safety.

Classes and research conducted in Tijuana are the foundation to many students’ research and field of study at SDSU. The suspension is a tremendous disservice to SDSU students and faculty and jeopardizes the partnership between Tijuana-San Diego educational institutions.

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