#Animal Welfare
Support animal rights and uphold professional standards.
United States of America

As a condition of licensure, a dentist has agreed to abide by and uphold the standards set by their state’s dental board; this includes personal conduct. Personal conduct in this sense means moral and ethical behavior as well as never being convicted of a crime (regardless of the nature of the crime.)

In the past Palmer has made false statements to federal agents after shooting a black bear 40 miles outside a designated hunting zone. Palmer ultimately received a fine of nearly $3,000 and probation. And now he has killed Cecil.

His egregious actions are tarnishing the integrity of the dental profession. There is no question his dental license must be revoked.

We, the undersigned, hereby affirm that the killing of Cecil the lion by dentist Walter Palmer violated the ethics and personal conduct required to be a licensed dentist anywhere in the U.S.A.

Therefore we petition for swift action by the Dental Board of Minnesota to suspend and revoke Walter Palmer's license to practice dentistry.

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