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For the attention of King's College, London

We strongly protest against King's College London awarding Shimon Peres, former Israeli head of state, an honorary doctorate on the 18th of November 2008.

It is highly irresponsible for a college of such standing to honour an individual of such contentious repute without prior consultation with the students of the university, who make up the major body of the college community.

We the students of King's College, who are so proudly flaunted by this institution, are appalled that we were not consulted in this matter and demand a reconsideration of this award.

It is astonishing that an individual who is in breach of international law, indeed a war criminal, should be given this doctorate, especially in so-called “recognition of the efforts of Mr Peres to find a peaceful solution to conflicts in the Middle East” which is clearly not the case, as can be gleaned from the following:

• On 18 April 1996, he launched "Operation Grapes of Wrath" causing 400,000 Lebanese to flee their homes, almost 800 fleeing to a UN base in Qana, South Lebanon.
• The Israeli army shelled the UN shelter in Qana, killing 102 civilians, mainly women, children and the elderly. Many more were injured.
• Peres is responsible for building illegal colonies on occupied land and endorsing a policy of extra-judicial killings of Palestinians and other Arabs.
• He supported the siege on Gaza, the destruction of its airport, and the elaborate system of checkpoints all across the West Bank.
• He defends the regular demolition of Palestinian homes, and he justified the atrocities of the Israeli army in its recent war on Lebanon in 2006.

We the undersigned call on King’s College London to revoke this honorary doctorate with immediate effect. We also demand a wider student consensus before such decisions are undertaken in the future.

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