#Human Rights
Donald Trump's Miss Christian Right California
United States of America

Miss California does not represent Californians. These are actual quotes. I am not making this up!

"I will not back down for my right to take away freedoms from gay people."
"I was punished on that stage. It was my assault on my freedoms and constitutional rights Which should not happen in America – unless you are gay. In which case you should quietly understand that God does not agree with you."
"I am a model and a Christian."

Watch this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwNHE3QXVc4

Donald Trump's Miss Christian Right California thinks Civil Rights are a matter of opinion. When we protect the rights of our gay brothers and sisters, apparently per Miss California-"God does not agree with us."

This petition is to God, and to the State of California, to take Miss California's Crown and privilege of representing Californians and for that matter, human citizenry and those with a passion for civil rights.

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